My thoughts 12
What is Value?
The Essence and Various Forms of Value What is value? The answer to this question is not simple an
2023-11-22 조회 29
This Dior bag!
(pic reference: This bag is the 'Dior Lady Bag,' manufactured by Dior. Currently,
2023-10-25 조회 24
Why Gucci is Famous
(Pic reference: Gucci is known for several distinct reasons. Firstly, the Gucci logo is
2023-10-14 조회 15
To King Sejong
(Made by me) After participating in the Dosan Ahn Chang-ho Competition a few days ago, I found myse
2023-10-09 조회 14
Why is Chanel Famous? Why is Chanel Expensive?
(Pic Reference: was established in 1910 by Coco Chanel. Chanel offers a range of
2023-09-30 조회 14
The Dosan Ahn Chang-ho Competition
(Made by me) I had the opportunity to apply for The Dosan Ahn Chang-ho Competition, and it was a w
2023-09-27 조회 10
My first day at SJA Jeju
(pic taken by me)My new academic journey began just last week, and I must admit, I didn't quite
2023-08-12 조회 31
Life After the Mandatory Mask Wearing During the Coronavirus
(Pic Reference: COVID-19 vir
2023-08-07 조회 16
Reworked Conclusion of "Sonaki" - A Fascinating Book
I've reworked the concluding part of the book "Sonaki." This book was truly captivati
2023-05-25 조회 25
Why are certain bags preferred by many women?
(Pic Reference: From a young age, I'v
2023-04-29 조회 13

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