What is the exact reference point for architectural beauty?

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(Pic Reference: https://www.blackqube.de/frank-gehry-_-a-new-aesthetic-in-architecture/)

These days, I have developed a keen interest in building designs. During this spring break, I dedicated my time to researching the standards of architectural beauty in depth. However, contrary to my initial expectations, I discovered that the standards of beauty are categorized in numerous ways. These criteria can be classified in various ways, but the following reference points are the ones I have identified.

The first point is unity. In this section, it is divided into three parts: symmetry, which pertains to symmetrical properties, repetition, which involves recurring patterns, and uniformity, referring to consistency or a uniform state.

Next, we have the point of variability, which can also be subdivided into three sections. First, uniformity, encompassing impartiality, equilibrium, and evenness. Additionally, modulation is another aspect of variability, involving the tendency to suppress or praise. Lastly, contrast is a commonly heard term in our daily lives, defined as the property of comparing or highlighting differences between two elements.

Moving on to the third point, it's architectural balance. Similar to the previous two points I mentioned earlier, this point also consists of two sections. The first part discusses dynamic balance, revealing how the balance of a dynamic structure can be observed. Furthermore, static balance is a fundamental aspect of architectural equilibrium, pertaining to the balance of tranquility and intricacy.

Therefore, based on the reference points I have outlined above, I intend to continually analyze my favorite buildings whenever I have free time.

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